Diving into Ethereum’s Virtual Machine(EVM)


WebAssembly is bringing the promise of multi-language support to smart contracts running on the blockchain. Ethereum, which is the largest blockchain that supports smart contracts, are planning to move to WebAssembly at some point towards the end of next year. That’s amazing news for wasm! This blog post gives a great introduction to the Ethereum virtual machine and the impact these changes are going to make.

Wasienv: WASI Development Toolchain for C/C++


Tooling for WebAssembly is moving at quite a pace, and as a result, it can be quite challenging to find, install and configure all the tools required. Wasienv is a handy all-in-one toolchain for C/C++ devs. Useful stuff!

The rustsim organization


WebAssembly is great for algorithms, number crunching and numeric simulations. This organisation is collecting together a number of libraries, including fluid simulation and physics engines - all written in Rust and targeting WebAssembly.

A journey of multithreading using WebAssembly


Multithreading is going to significantly extend the usefulness and potential of WebAssembly. This video provides a great intro into the specification and how it works.

And Finally

Do you want to help put WebAssembly in your washing machine? Sure you do - wasmachine is looking for contributors.