WebAssembly Literacy free ebook


I don’t know how I missed this when it was released a little while back … this is a completely free 100 page ebook about WebAssembly! This book is intended for anyone who wants to understand WebAssembly itself, it doesn’t cover Rust, C++ or any of the other toolchains, instead it dives into the runtime directly. A fantastic read!

Announcing WebAssembly.sh


Wasmer is a very cool standalone WebAssembly runtime. It uses the WASI interface to provide WebAsssembly modules with the I/O they require to do anything useful. A few weeks back the Wasmer team launched Wasmer-JS, a JavaScript implementation of WASI. This has allowed them to build the WebAssembly Shell - WebAssembly.sh - which executed Wasmer modules directly in the browser. So, so cool.

Spacemesh WebAssembly VM


Spacemesh is yet another cryptocurrency that is adopting WebAssembly for its smart contract engine. This blog post gives a really detailed summary of why they are using WebAssembly and some interesting technical details regarding contract execution and how state is stored on the blockchain.

Video: Rust, WebAssembly, and the future of Serverless


In this talk Steve Klabnik discusses why WebAssembly is being used as a runtime for Serverless functions.

Introduction to WebAssembly for .NET Developers


There is a lot of excitement growing in the C# / .NET community, and the opening line from this article says it all “I really feel that we are on the brink of a revolution. It’s still very early in the revolution, but I feel like WebAssembly is going to completely change the way we think of web applications.”

And Finally

And amazing WebAssembly hack, a fully playable maze game, hand crafted in ~2500 bytes of wasm.