WebAssembly Modules in Rust: Syntax Deep Dive


Rust has a fantastic WebAssembly ecosystem and this in-depth article covers it in detail. It includes the using Cargo and conditional compilation to include a WebAssembly specific debugging tool for the browser, the use of Foreign Function Interfaces and how Rust deals with asynchronous functions and Javascript Promises. So much good stuff!



The name doesn’t give much away! This is an experiment to build an operating-system-like environment where executables are all in WASM and are loaded from some IPFS-like (InterPlanetary File System) decentralized network. It is another experiment where WebAssembly is much more deeply integrated into ring 0.



WebAssembly was originally designed for the web (there’s a clue in the name), and as a result, the early WebAssembly runtimes existing within the browser. However, as the community has woken up to the potential of WebAssembly running outside of the web, a whole family of independent runtimes have come into existence.

WebAssembly: C++ and WebGL for js13k game jam


The js13k game jam is an online competition where people compete to write the best game they can in just 13kilobytes of JavaScript. In this post Namek shares his experience of trying to put together an entry using C++ and WebAssembly.

Running WASI in Javascript with Wasmer-JS


WebAssembly System Interfaces (WASI) is an exciting new specification that allows running POSIX-like applications anywhere - this post introduces Wasmer-JS, which allows WASI modules to run in the browser and Node.