The Blazor Bet


This week at the .NET Conference Microsoft announced that Blazor (their WebAssembly powered UI framework) would move from ‘preview’ to full production release in May 2020. A big step for this relatively new framework. Interestingly Blazor has two modes of operation, client-side using WebAssembly, and server-side where events and DOM updates are streamed using SignalR. This blog post takes a critical look at both techniques.

WebAssembly Isolation with Tyler McMullen


Isolation is an important concept, it allows different software applications or processes to execute without interfering with each other - it is a critical component in ensuring security. This concept crops up everywhere, from Docker to the Chrome Sandbox. This podcast discusses how WebAssembly allow for isolated workloads, which is one of the reasons Fastly uses it as their runtime for cloud functions.

WebAssembly Audio Experiment


This super fun and funky audio experiment creates synthesised music using WebAssembly, written in AssemblyScript.

Libc++ 9.0.0 Release


The latest release of Libc++ (The C++ standard library) provides support for WASI - the WebAssembly System Interface. What is WASI I hear you ask? Good question! It is a standard interface that adds various I/O capabilities to WebAssembly, making it a much more versatile runtime.

And finally …

Wikipedia was wrong about WebAssembly, so we fixed it!