Announcing Uno Platform 2.0


The Windows UI stack, which uses C# and XAML, has a big following in the development community. The team at Uno have been working to make this stack a viable option for native mobile, desktop and web development, using WebAssembly (for web). At their recent conference (UnoConf) they made a number of announcements, including Xamarin.Forms support for WebAssembly, SkiaSharp (a cross platform graphics framework), and hot-reload. It’s great to see a company really investing in WebAssembly.

Creating the WebAssembly version of Superpowered Audio


And here’s another company that are really investing in WebAssembly. Superpowered is a cross-platform audio SDK, with the web version powered by WebAssembly. This blog post describes some of the challenges they met in creating the web version of their SDK.



This is a Tendermint-based blockchain that supports WebAssembly. Add it to the long list of blockchains using a WebAssemblyVM, Ethereum (eWASM), Perlin, Tron, EOS, …

Video: Native Web Apps: React, JS & WebAssembly to rewrite native apps


Can React and JavaScript compete with native toolkits when it comes to making super complex, heavy desktop apps? Can we go further and create better-than-native applications? 🤔 in this JSConf presentation Florian talks about why he is using WebAssembly for game making software.

And finally …

Will WebAssembly replace JavaScript? Of course not, but people gonna keep askin’