The Three Eggs in a Distributed Basket: Wasm, Blockchain, and Reputation


WebAssembly is gaining traction for various applications out-of-browser - with blockchain being one of them. This brief article neatly summarised the significance of two technologies, WebAssembly and Blockchain, and a concept, Reputation. When all three combine, distributed application could really take off.

WebAssembly Modules in Rust: An Introduction


The Rust community has some of the most advanced WebAssembly tooling, thanks to the team at Mozilla. This tutorial gives a thorough introduction to the tools and ecosystem, from first steps to publishing your finished module.

Debugging WebAssembly Outside of the Browser


Talking of Mozilla, this blog post and video announces some further tooling improvements. Currently debugging support for WebAssembly, i.e. being able to set a breakpoint against a program running on the WebAssembly VM and step through execution in the source language (i.e. Rust, AssemblyScript, C++) is limited. Mozilla are working hard to solve this problem.

Building WebAssembly Apps in Rust using Smithy


Smithy is a framework for writing web applications entirely in Rust, allowing you to manipulate the DOM and handle events without a single line of JavaScript. This video, from the frameworks creator, introduces the key concepts.