Video: WebAssembly: status, WebIDL Bindings, and roadmap


The I/O capabilities of the WebAssembly virtual machine are very limited, making it a challenge to efficiently interact with the host environment, for example, manipulating the DOM. This fantastic talk looks at how the WebAssembly specification has been evolving through host bindings, reference types and more recently WebIDL bindings, in order to make this much easier in the future. Once this work is complete, you can expect WebAssembly adoption to increase significantly!

Video: WebAssembly on the Server - How System Calls Work


Another video that looks at the I/O capabilities of WebAssembly, but this time from the perspective of server-side WebAssembly. In this talk Christine talks about the challenges and introduces Dagger, a stream-based I/O layer for wasm VMs.

Analysis of Google Keep WebAssembly module​


There aren’t that many people using WebAssembly in production yet, although one notable usage is within GoogleKeep, a cross-platform note-taking app. This blog post picks apart the WebAssembly module used by this app, finding out how it was built, locating some shaders and various other bits of information.

And Finally …

We’re all going to be rich! WebAssembly is the 7th highest paid programming language! 🤔