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Rust and the case for WebAssembly in 2018


The Rust community have certainly embraced WebAssembly, with a rapidly evolving toolset (wargo, the new lightweight LLVM compiler). Currently languages that are statically typed have a significant advantage over garbage collected languages when targeting WebAssembly.

With the strong community, modern features, and overall popularity of Rust, as the author puts it … “We’re poised to be THE language of choice for wasm.”

This blog post sets out short, medium and long term goals to make that happen!

Practical WebAssembly - Dan Callahan


In this recent talk from JSConf Budapest, Dan examines WebAssembly from a practical standpoint, answering why it was created, what it’s good for, how it works, and how you can use it today.



Regardless of which language you are using to create WebAssembly, you’re going to have to install some tooling. But if you just want to dabble, WasmFiddle is an interactive online editor that allows you to compile C/C++ to WebAssembly. Check out this Mandelbrot for inspiration!

And finally …

Windows 3.1 running on DOSbox ported to WebAssembly rendered with WebVR … mind blown 💥