Wasm for Blockchain 2019


“14 hours of content compressed into a 20 min read”

This is the third issue of WasmWeekly that has focussed on the recent wasm for Blockchain event in Berlin, and quite righty so, it has generated some fantastic and insightful content form some of the thought leaders in both wasm and blockchain. The conference videos have already been published in their entirety, giving 20 hours of content. This post provides a reasonably detailed summary of each video, and is a fantastic resource. Nice work Maksym, you’re a star!

Training a Neural Network with Wasm and Rust


Neural Networks are a form of machine learning, where a network of simple neurons are trained to recognise patterns in data. This website demonstrates Juggernaut, a Rust Neural Network library, which has been compiled to WebAssembly, allowing you to play with it online.

The WebAssembly Go Playground


This website “doe s exactly what it says on the tin”, it’s an online playground for running Go in the browser. Go forth and play! (or dig into the sourcecode if you are that way inclined).

And Finally …

Adobe are hiring engineers to port Photoshop to WebAssembly!