Video: Evolving Wasm into a proper misnomer


Last week’s WasmWeekly newsletter linked to the “wasm on the blockchain” conference videos, however, the content in these videos is so good they deserve highlighting on multiple occasions. In this video Andreas Rossberg, one of the great minds behind WebAssembly, gives a detailed and insightful look at various wasm features that are currently in development.

The h Programming Language


The ‘h’ programming language is a somewhat bizarre esoteric language that does nothing other than print the letter ‘h’, or a single quote. Despite the somewhat strange nature of this language, it is a great way to learn more about how compilers work, with the language targeting WebAssembly.

Emscripten and the LLVM WebAssembly backend


Emscripten is the ‘original’ WebAssembly compiler, with the original ‘fastcomp’ compiler backend being used to emit asmjs (a pre-cursor to WebAssembly) back in 2013. This blog post details the new LLVM backend which yields a whole host of performance improvements.

Porting Redis to WebAssembly with Clang/WASI


Some fantastic insights for anyone who is embarking on migrating a large C/C++ application to WebAssembly.

And Finally …

Who loves Tetris? Here’s a clone written in Zig