Introducing Waxosuit


As well as writing Programming WebAssembly with Rust, Kevin Hoffman is busy creating Waxosuit - a cloud-native runtime for WebAssembly. Since WebAssembly emerged last year a number of people have seen its potential as a cloud runtime environment, with Fastly and Cloudflare allowing you to run WebAssembly code on their edge networks. Waxosuit uses the wasmer runtime, to create a fully-featured cloud-native runtime suitable for enterprise

WebAssembly port of Fluid Simulation for Video Game


This neat project takes a fluid simulation engine and ports it to the web using WebAssembly. The overall effect is stunning! It works very well on mobile devices too.

Wasm on the blockchain conference videos


Earlier this month a small conference was held in Berlin to “Explore the key topics involved in building a modern blockchain smart contracts execution environment based on wasm technology” - the videos from this event have just been published, and you’re in for a treat, about 14 hours of watching!

A piece of Windows 10 is now running on WebAssembly


A few months ago Microsoft open sourced the calculator app. The Platform Uno team have used this opportunity to port it to C#, allowing it to run on iOS, Android, natively - and with WebAssembly, they can run it on the web also.

And Finally …

Q: How does WebAssembly facilitate less hackable/more trustless in-browser code execution? A: It doesn’t!