Porting a Face Detector Written in C to WebAssembly


This project really hits WebAsembly’s sweet spot, making use of its ability to port performance intensive C++ algorithms to the web. In this case a real-time image processing algorithm for face detection is compiled to WebAssembly using Emscripten.

Announcing the fastest WebAssembly runtime for Go: wasmer


Go already has a few different wasm runtime, which allow you to embed and execute wasm modules from within your Go application. However, these are currently interpreters, effectively emulating the WebAssembly Virtual Machine. This post announces a module which embed wasmer within Go - giving a ~100 boost in performance!

Improved WebAssembly Support is Coming to Node.js


This post introduces experimental support for wasm imports, where you can directly import wasm just like ECMA modules. It also discusses the WASI interface, which is on its way.

And Finally …

One for the Microsoft / Silverlight devs, and article that mourns the history of Silverlight, but sees new hope in WebAssembly.