Compiling C to WebAssembly without Emscripten


Emscripten’s goal is to be a drop-in replacement for your off-the-shelf C/C++ compiler and make code that was not written for the web run on the web. To achieve this, Emscripten emulates an entire POSIX operating system for you, which results in a lot of (quite necessary) complexity and wasm / JS glue-code. This post looks at using the underlying compiler technology, LLVM, to create wasm modules without all the Emscripten overhead.

Introducing inNative - Run WebAssembly Outside The Sandbox at 95% Native Speed


InNative asks the question, “just how fast can WebAssembly go?”. WebAssembly runs in a sandbox, within the wasm virtual machine. InNative takes a different approach, compiling wasm modules to native code, which is executed directly. And yes, it’s fast! - I must admit, I’m not entirely sure what the use case for InNative is, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t cool!

Awesome Blazor


Awesome lists are community created and curated lists of projects, blog posts, sample projects and interesting information relating to specific technologies. This list focusses on Blazor, Microsoft C# to wasm technology. I must admit, I was surprised at just how long this list is! If you’re interested in Blazor, you’ll find a bucket-load of information here.

And Finally …

A post that looks at mixing WebGL, D3 with a sprinkle of WebAssembly. We have all the tech!