Big news for Swift fans (you should be a fan, it’s a great language!), there has been some significant progress made towards bringing Swift to WebAssembly. This webpage provides an online demo, and a link to the team’s pull request against Apple’s Swift repo.

1Password uses WebAssembly


I always love hearing about where WebAssembly has found its way into production code - currently this doesn’t happen too often as the tooling for wasm is still very much in active development. In this blog post the 1Password team indicate a significant performance increase due to their move to WebAssembly for parts of their codebase.

How to build WebAssembly C# Apps with the Mono AOT and Windows Subsystem for Linux


Mono, the open source .NET runtime which is used in both Blazor and Uno, currently supports WebAssembly via an interpreted mode. To achieve this the .NET CLR itself is compiled to wasm and DLLs interpreted at runtime. Clearly this has some significant size and performance limitations. This blog post explores the experimental Ahead Of Time (AOT) compilation mode that will compile DLLs directly to wasm.

V8 release v7.5 - introduces WebAssembly implicit caching


WebAssembly is going to keep getting faster … this post from the Chrome team introduces wasm module caching.

And Finally …

A few of us have been having fun creating old-school demos in hand-coded WebAssembly - why not join the fun? Aaron’s latest creation goes a step further combining WebAssembly and WASI.