Modern JavaScript development involves a surprising amount of tooling, with your code undergoing complex transformation, checks and tests. With WebAssembly we have the opportunity to make these tools, and the overall developer experience, faster. This project is a TypeScript transpiler, written in Rust, that aims to provide TS developers with faster tooling.

My First Wasmtime Experience in Windows 10


WASI, the WebAssembly System Interface, was only announced one month ago. This brief blog post looks at how to use this interface with wasmtime, a standalone WebAssembly virtual machine.

draw-app - In browser drawing app built in rust / wasm


This is a cool little Rust / WebAssembly demo, a browser-based drawing app. It makes use of web-sys for accessing the DOM APIs.

And Finally …

Is it OK that JavaScript developer tools are being re-written in Rust? It seems that most people think ‘yes’.