How We Used WebAssembly To Speed Up Our Web App By 20X (Case Study)


At the moment it’s probably fair to say that WebAssembly is mostly being used for experimentation, we’re exploring where the technology sits within the web platform and beyond. That’s why articles like this, where WebAssembly is being used for real-world application, are such a good read. Here the author describes how WebAssembly was used to speed up a DNA sequencing app using C / Emscripten.

Compiling C to WebAssembly using clang/LLVM and WASI


WASI (The WebAssembly System Interface), which was released just a few weeks ago, is a standard interface for accessing operating-system-like features such as clocks, filesystems, random numbers and more. The goal of WASI is to make WebAssembly portable across the many out-of-browser applications. This practical little article shows you how to build a WebAssembly module using WASI and the newly released LLVM version 8.

WebAssembly for Javascript Developers, by Aaron Turner


Aaron Turner is the developer behind WasmBoy, a WebAssembly GameBoy Color emulator. Not only was Aaron an early adopter of WebAssembly, this emulator is also written in AssemblyScript, an experimental project for compiling TypeScript to WebAssembly.

And Finally …

The author of “Level Up with WebAssembly” shares how he found the 200 hours needed to write this book.