Migrating from wasmi to Wasmer


php-ext-wasm is an extension that allows you to run WebAssembly code from PHP. Previously it used wasmi, an open source WebAssembly interpreter, to execute modules. This post looks at how the performance of this extension was improved by 29x by moving to wasmer / Cranelift.

Benchmarking WebAssembly Runtimes


And yet more wasmer … this post compares the performance of various ‘back ends’ including a single-pass compiler (formerly named Dynasm), Cranelift and LLVM.

Transport Tycoon Deluxe (TTD) - Online


Transport Tycoon was a business simulation game launched in 1994, there have been a number of editions launched since, including OpenTTD an open source reverse-engineered version of the game. Thanks to WebAssembly, you can now play it online!



Citybound is a city building game that uses microscopic models to vividly simulate the organism of a city arising from the interactions of millions of individuals. It is open source, written in Rust, and now runs on the web, thanks to WebAssembly.

And Finally …

Is SMULX a Pokenom name, or a Cranelift instruction?