Programming using WebAssembly - Drawing pixel graphics on an HTML canvas


While WebAssembly has been designed as a compilation target for higher-level languages there are those of us (myself included!) who quite enjoy writing WebAssembly by hand. This post looks at creating a simple Mandelbrot set fractal using hand-cranked WebAssembly code.

Lys - a language that compiles to WebAssembly


Another one for the low-level enthusiasts, Lys is an entirely new compile-to-wasm language. It started as an experiment in learning WebAssembly, but has resulted in quite a rich language (functional, pattern matching, structs, …). It’s not clear if this is just a personal experiment, or whether Lys is looking to become a viable development language - either way, it’s cool 😎

How to build a crypto isomorphic library with Javascript and WebAssembly


This article is a very entertaining read, starting with a long intro looking at the history of crypto, long before the web; and ending with Enigma, a crypto engine for the web.

And Finally …

You can use WebAssembly try to out F# in your browser.