pyckitup - a Python game engine for the Web


This project uses the popular RustPython interpreter (i.e. a Python interpreter written in Rust), which is compiled to WebAssembly. This is combined with quicksilver, a simple Rust 2D game engine, to allow you to create Python games that run in the browser.interpreter to quicksilver game engine.

Assembling the Future of Smart Contracts with Sawtooth Sabre


Blockchain and the bitcoin currency it supports perform relatively simple transactions on the blockchain’s distributed ledger. Smart contracts take this concept a step further, allowing the encoding of much more complex contract logic onto a distributed ledger - resulting an immutable contract. WebAssembly is proving to be a very popular option for contract engines, allowing contracts to be written in a wide range of languages on the ‘secure’ wasm runtime.

Writing a wasm loader for Ghidra


Ghidra is a tool, that the NSA recently open sourced, for reverse engineering. This blog post takes a look at creating a wasm loader for Ghidra, allowing it to reverse engineer WebAssembly.

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