Real time strange attractors


This project is awesome - It plots strange attractors, fractals, 3D hyper-complex fractals (whatever they are!), all in realtime using millions of particles. The screenshots look just amazing. All the sourcecode is there, a great demonstration of the power of WebAssembly.

An easy programming language, built with Wasm


This project provides an easy-to-use online programming language, for educational purposes, built with WebAssembly. An interesting project, though unfortunately not open source.

Interestingly I’ll be at Full Stack NYC in May talking about exactly this topic, how to create your own compile-to-wasm language - Colin E. (editor).

SIMD in Wasm


SIMD stands for Single Instruction Multiple Data, a technique that allows vector style processing, e.g. adding one vector to another. These instructions are are supported by all modern CPUs. This is an important up-coming feature that will give WebAssembly a further performance boost. This blog takes an early look.

And Finally …

React hooks are all the rage. You can now React hook your wasm (whatever that means!)