WAS (not WASM)


WebAssembly is designed to be secure, yet doesn’t really offer many tools for memory management, no allocator, no garbage collector, just a block of linear memory. As a result, when you compile a language to WebAssembly it often needs to add its own memory management library to the module code, this can result in security issues. This project provides a ‘hostile’ allocator, one which protects against buffer overflows.

Running WebAssembly 100x faster 🔥


Wasmer is a standalone WebAssembly runtime, and one of it’s goals is to be fast! This blog post looks at how they introduced caching in order to significantly improve performance.

The Explosive Implications of Tron’s Move to WebAssembly


WebAssembly is really starting to take off on the blockchain. This post looks at the advantages it offers, and why Tron is moving to WebAssembly too.

And Finally …

Should WebAssembly have its own package manager? Most people seem to think not!