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gccx - a JSX-like parser for asm-dom


One of the great successes of React is JSX, a HTML-like syntax that compiles into JavaScript code that constructs the Virtual DOM. C++ already has a virtual DOM, thanks for asm-dom, and with gccx it now supports an embedded HTML syntax.

The JavaScript world is leaking!

Rust no longer uses Emscripten


Emscripten is a fantastic tool that has allowed developers to move significant C / C++ codebases to the web. However, the Emscripten output is bloated, both in the WASM it generates (due to the Emscripten runtime), and the JavaScript module that supports it.

With this PR the Rust community have moved away from Emscripten to use LLVM directly. There are similar ‘minimal’ toolkits for C / C++.

Save the Date! - An AMA with the WebAssembly Team


The 14th of December is a date to put in your calendar, members of the WebAssembly Working Group are going to be holding an AMA (Ask Me Anything).

Luke Wagner and Alon Zakai on WebAssembly


This article gained a lot of attention this week - with Luke and Alon sharing the story behind WebAssembly.

And finally …

Isn’t it about time we had a new language? … I give you Forest, a multi-syntax functional programming languages that compiles to WebAssembly.