WebAssembly Troubles part 4: Microwasm


If you read issue 67 of WasmWeekly you’ll recall an excellent four part series that critiqued WebAssembly and some of the language design decisions, for example highlighting that it isn’t strictly speaking a stack-machine. In this latest post the author proposes a fix for the issue, microwasm, which is a subset of wasm, removing features such as locals and block return values. They have also provided an implementation of microwasm within lightbeam, Mozilla’s single-pass wasm to native compiler. Exciting stuff!

Practice your Go WebAssembly with a Game


Elevator Saga is an online programming game where you transport people up and down lifts using JavaScript code. This blog post describes how the author ported the game to Go, with the code sent server-side and returned as a wasm module.



Every language needs a virtual DOM! And now Go has one, this is an early-stage implementation with many TODOs remaining - why not help out? It could certainly do with a JSX style parser.

And Finally …

Fancy a challenge? then why not have a go at porting this funky fluid simulation to WebAssembly?