Replacing a hot path in your app’s JavaScript with WebAssembly


While JavaScript can achieve pretty an impressive level of performance, taking time for the various JIT optimisation to ‘warm up’. In contrast the performance of WebAssembly is much more predictable. This blog post explores using WebAssembly to address a ‘hot path’ in an application, which is rotating an image. It takes a look at the various options including Rust, AssemblyScript and C. A really thorough investigation with lots of useful supporting information. A must read!

WebAssembly & CloudABI


Application Binary Interfaces or ABIs is a contract between two binary applications, allowing them to interoperate, these allow our applications to make ‘system calls’. This blog post explores the significance of ABIs and looks at how the various WebAssembly toolchains are tackling this problem.

Doom 3 running in the browser


This is an experimental project to port the Doom 3 Engine to WebAssembly. This blog post is full of technical details, but for most people the technical details don’t mater, the demo is just plain awesome!