From Angular to Blazor: The Health App


The ‘health app’ is a non-trivial demo app that Jeremy has implemented in a variety of different languages, making it a great app to demonstrate the current features of Blazor. This is a really detailed tutorial, with some interesting conclusions and observations at the end, the lack of support for INotifyPropertyChange - the cornerstone interface for change managements - is quite surprising. Jeremy explored how this might be implemented in a follow up blog post.

WebGL + Rust: Basic Water Tutorial


The title might say ‘basic’ but the results look awesome! This tutorial discusses how to simulate water, and looks at how this can be achieved using WebGL an Rust. Interestingly the author opted to use WebAssembly as a result of a twitter vote!

Fast GIF parsing on the web with WASM + Wuffs


This is a slightly old one, from a few months back, but I missed it at the time. This tutorial looks at how to implement GIF parsing with WebAssembly using Emscripten. There are also some really interesting performance comparisons between WebAssembly and JavaScript - another non-trivial, and highly-practical performance measurement for WebAssembly.

And Finally …

If your framework doesn’t compile to WebAssembly in 2019, then it is dead! (controversy alert!)