Mozilla Hacks’ 10 most-read posts of 2018


In the annual tradition of making lists - the Mozilla team look at their most-read blog posts from 2018. Posts about WebAssembly make up an impressive 4 of the top 10. These must-read posts are:

WebAssembly: Neither Web, Nor Assembly, but Revolutionary


If you’re relatively new to WebAssembly, this article is a great place to start. It gives a great no-nonsense introduction to what WebAssembly is and how it works, followed by a look at what the future holds in store for this technology.

WebAssembly SF Meetup


There are already a few WebAssembly meetups that have formed in the last year, although this latest meetup, in San Francisco, deserves a special mention. The first meetup is hosted by Mozilla, with talks from Lin Clark and Till Schneidereit. An impressive kick off event!

And Finally …

When a silly joke on twitter goes slightly wrong!