Sandspiel - a sand simulation in Rust, WebGL and WebAssembly


This has to be one of the most fun things I’ve seen with WebAssembly, a falling sand simulator! You can choose from a wide range of materials, add fire, wind, lava, etc… It’s great fun creating structures then burning, or blowing them apart. The game also works very well on mobile devices. Once you get bored playing with the game, head over to GitHub for the sourcecode.

A standalone WebAssembly VM benchmark


There are now a wide number of standalone WebAssembly Virtual Machines to choose from, including Asmble, wasmer, WAVM, life, wasmi and wagon. These have been created for various reasons, some are hobby projects, other power blockchain or serverless projects. This article compares the performance of these VMs using a variety of benchmarks, declaring WAVM the winner.

WebAssembly Is Fast: A Real-World Benchmark of WebAssembly vs. ES6


This is a long, detailed, and excellent article from the creator of WasmBoy, a WebAssembly GameBoy emulator written in AssemblyScript. A couple of interesting points in this article is that the performance is compared to JavaScript (both ‘raw’ and optimised via Closure Compiler), and on mobile devices. The final conclusion shows that WebAssembly gives a significant speed boost on mobile devices making it an excellent technology for Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

And Finally …

Why not write your resume / CV in WebAssembly?