Reflecting on Rust and WebAssembly in 2018


The Rust community have been right behind WebAssembly from the very start. There are clear synergies between the two, with the hope that WebAssembly can further fuel the rise in popularity of Rust.

This article reflects on what the Rust community has achieved this year, including wasm binding generation distribution via npm, scaffolds and test / debugging. The article also looks to 2019, asking the community for ideas, which will be assembled into an RFC for the 2019 roadmap.

From WebAssembly to Native Code via the OCaml Backend


There are quite a few articles and projects about compiling languages to WebAssembly, from the esoteric (BrainF**K), to the practical (TypeScript). This post is a little different, it looks at compiling WebAssembly to native code using the OCaml backend. This is quite a technical post!

Edge programming with Rust and WebAssembly


A few weeks ago the Fastly online IDE for creating WebAssembly cloud functions appeared online. This blog post provides an in-depth introduction to Terrarium, demonstrating how you can write ‘edge functions’ (i.e. serverless cloud functions) using Rust.

Fastly are clearly investing heavily into this concept, having built a multi-language online IDE, as well as a simple playground, Fastly Fiddle.

And Finally …

Is WebAssembly the new Docker?