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WebAssembly support now shipping in all major browsers


There was some very big news for WebAssembly this week, with the Mozilla blog announcing that the latest updates to Safari and Edge meaning that WebAssembly is now fully supported.

This blog post has a great list of links that show the diverse range of examples and prototypes people have been building with WebAssembly already.

The post also generated a lot of attention, with lengthy discussions on Reddit and Hacker News.

“Let us begin the golden age of writing web applications in any programming language.”

Cheerp - A C++ Compiler for the Web


The ‘standard’ way to compile C / C++ to WASM is Emscripten, however, this project looks like a very interesting alternative. With Cheerp you have full access to the DOM and WebAPIs from your C++ code. You can find more information on their technical blog.

Godot in Wasm


An experimental version of the Godot game engine, compiled to WebAssembly and WebGL, appeared online.

WebAssembly Dymistified


The recent Mozilla announcement resulted in a lot of ill-informed comments (“JS is dead”, “WASM is a security risk”, …). For people who are new to WebAssembly this brief FAQ is a great starting point.

And finally …

Tom Dale, of Ember fame, ponders whether WebAssembly is a misnomer? … and why wasn’t the text format for WASM called WTF?!