WasmJit - Spectre Mitigations Part 1


WasmJIT is a WebAssembly runtime whose goal is to run wasm code within the Linux kernel. “Why?” - You might ask? To remove the context switching overhead when making IO calls.

Spectre and Meltdown were a couple of critical CPU-level vulnerabilities discovered this year. This blog post looks at how WasmJIT mitigates these in their runtime.

WebAssembly doesn’t make unsafe languages safe (yet)


An interesting article, arguing that because WebAssembly maintains the memory model of the source language, it doesn’t make unsafe languages safe - NULL pointers are still an issue. Perhaps WebAssembly should include a memory allocator as part of the runtime?

Codepunk 039: WebAssembly


The Codepunk podcast takes an introductory look at WebAssembly.

And Finally …

Vim ported to WebAssembly, slides from VimConf!