Terrarium - run serverless WebAssembly


A weeks ago Cloudflare announced support for WebAssembly Worklets, allowing you to run wasm on their CDN edge network. It looks like Fastly have followed suite.

Terrarium goes a step further, using the WebAssembly Studio editor to give an online editor for creating and editing cloud functions in Rust, AssemblyScript or C. WebAssembly has reached the cloud!

Currently there isn’t any documentation available for Terrarium, but it will no doubt appear shortly.

Wasm on the Blockchain: The Lesser Evil


There have been a number of articles recently about using WebAssembly as the VM for blockchain. This article describes why it is a good fit, and why it is being used for Polkadot, a protocol for data exchange between blockchains, that creates a multi-chain web!

Wasmer - Build Once, Run Anywhere.


Wasmer is a standalone WebAssembly runtime, with the goal of creating universal binaries. Based on Cranelift, the experimental FireFox WebAssembly code generator, wasmer allows you to run wasm standalone binaries.

I must admit, it is a little unclear what you can actually do with wasmer at the moment. The WebAssembly runtime needs a host environment in order to perform any useful I/O operations, and it is unclear what the wasmer host provides. Still, definitely a project to watch.

And Finally …

A post that combines WebAssembly, cryptocurrency and data visualisation.