Image compression using Squoosh


Google Chrome Labs have launched a fantastic demo app called Squoosh, which allows you to perform image compression within the browser, on both mobile and desktop. The application itself is a Progressive Web App, allowing offline usage, with C++ codecs compiled to WebAssembly. A real glimpse into the future!

Cloud Computing without Containers


A few weeks ago CloudFlare announced support for WebAssembly within their cloud-based workers. These are a competitor to AWS lambda (and other function-as-a-service products) that allow you to execute logic on CloudFlare’s CDN / edge network. This blog post compares the AWS approach, which uses containers, to CloudFlare’s, using V8 isolates - a much more lightweight option, that gives many benefits.

A WebAssembly backend for OCaml


This article looks at bringing OCaml to WebAssembly, it’s not quite ready yet - but work is in progress!

And Finally …

JSX for Rust? Tasty!