Wavelet: Pre-Alpha Launch


What is Wavelet I hear you ask? Wavelet is a distributed ledger that uses the Avalanche algorithm which is resistant against Sybil attacks. The ledger executes smart contracts on ‘Life’ - a WebAssembly VM. Make sense? I must admit, I only half understand half of those words.

It’s still worth having a read of this blog post which demonstrates the Rust smart contracts SDK. This signals a very significant use of WebAssembly outside of the browser.

Defold 1.2.141 supports WebAssembly


Defold is a 2D gaming engine for writing web-based games. This latest release supports WebAssembly, demonstrating that the technology is very much production-ready.

Leveling up WebAssembly itself: Going from MVP to brave new world


A few weeks back Lin Clark published a wonderful (and wildly successful) blog post that described the WebAssembly roadmap via the concept of ‘skills’. Here is a video of Lin presenting the same topic at GitHub Universe.

Writing a Frontend Web Framework with WebAssembly And Go


This is a detailed blog post that works through the process of creating a prototype web framework using Go. The React-inspired framework includes a simple component concept and a router.

And Finally …

Do you have 22 years of JS and 69 years of ASM experience?