WebAssembly Threads ready to try in Chrome 70


This is big news for WebAssembly, and represents significant progress on one fo the more important future features - threading. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that WebAssembly is not gaining support for spawning new threads, instead, this proposal adds share memory and atomics, allowing modules to operate in a threaded environment.

This post briefly describes the new threading feature, and provides a simple demo that shows pthreads (the standard threading API for C / C++) compiling to WebAssembly using Emscripten.

NectarJS - JavaScript God Mode


Compiling JavaScript to WebAssembly isn’t straightforwards due to two issues (1) Garbage collection, and (2) the lack of static typing. This website demos a tool that seems to have solved these problems - although there doesn’t appear to be any information on how they’ve done it? Intriguing!

Holochain Developer Preview Release


We all love a bit of WebAssembly on the blockchain! Much of the previous news has focussed on Ethereum (the second biggest network after bitcoin). This post looks at Holochain, which is a P2P alternative to blockchain, and describes why they migrated to Rust in order to compile to WebAssembly - allowing browser-based clients!

And Finally …

Should the WebAssembly Working Group consider changing their name?