Chrome v8 adds WebAssembly Threads


The current version of WebAssembly is an MVP, with a very limited feature set. There is a public backlog of future features being debates, with one of the most exciting ones being threads. This blog post announces a preview implementation of wasm threads in Chrome! - but don’t get too over-excited, wasm will not have native threads, rather, this feature adds atomics, and shared memory access, giving thread-safe constructs. The host environment (i.e. JavaScript) will have to create the threads themselves.

Serverless Rust with Cloudflare Workers


Cloudflare very recently announced that their workers now support WebAssembly. This blog post dives into the details, using Rust to create a worker that generates dynamic prose.

Serverless Rust with AWS Lambda and WebAssembly


What’s that you say? You want more serverless Rust? This post looks at creating a very simple AWS Lambda function using Rust compiled to WebAssembly, this time without a single line of JavaScript.

Blazor Tetris


You’d expect C# developers to use Blazor to write forms-based business applications, but not in this case! This is a neat demo of Tetris written entirely in C#, compiled to WebAssembly. Nicely done.

And Finally …

Do you fancy an internship at Mozilla, working within the WebAssembly team?