WebAssembly on Cloudflare Workers


Cloudflare is a popular Content Delivery Network (CDN), which allows you to accelerate the delivery of you web assets across the globe by caching them at their ~150 datacenters. CDNs have started to become much more ‘intelligent’, allowing you to execute logic across their network rather than just distribute assets. Cloudflare’s own Workers concept allows you to execute JavaScript on their network in a similar way to AWS Lambda. This blog post announces WebAssembly support within workers, which is ideal for number-crunching activities such as image resizing.

PIB: PHP In Browser


It’s always great to hear about another mainstream language offering WebAssembly support. On this website you’ll find the highly popular server-side scripting language PHP running entirely within the browser! You can now write your full stack (server and client) in many languages, C#, PHP, Rust, Go and many more …

Introducing Ruukh Framework


React has become the most popular framework for JavaScript UI development, so it’s no surprise that the React patterns of components and unidirectional data-flow are emerging within other languages. This blog post introduces Ruukh, a new React-inspired framework for Rust.

A web application completely in Rust


On the subject of full-stack and Resct-inspired frameworks, this blog post takes a look at building a complete web app (client and server) in Rust using the Yew framework. A great article that asks the question “are we ready to use this in production?”

And Finally …

Did you know that the dictionary definition of wasm is “A doctrine, ideology, rule, or theory that is no longer current or fashionable.”?