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Kotlin Native has experimental WebAssembly Support

Kotlin is a relatively new programming language, developed by JetBrains and initially adopted for Android app development. Kotlin Native allows the language to be run natively (without a JVM), and the team is keen to make the WebAssembly runtime a target.

Running Blazor on Mono

Steven Sanderson gives an update on his project ‘Blazor’, which aims to bring the .NET runtime to WebAssembly. This project is gaining a lot of attention among C# developers - where previous attempts to bring the language to the web have failed quite badly (Silverlight anyone?!)

WebAssembly talk at NodeConf EU

Ben Smith delivers a fantastic talk that covers what WebAssembly is, what problems it solves and where it might go in the future. The part of the talk where he digs into the details of the WASM language are well worth watching.

8 bit workshop

This fantastic online Atari VCS (1200) emulator is now using WebAssembly. Good clean retro fun!

And finally …

Will the highly obfuscated nature of WebAssembly result in a web that is less open?