WebAssembly - The Future of Blockchain Computing


In previous issues of WasmWeekly we’ve looked at a few potential uses of WebAssembly outside of the browser. This article looks at the most compelling, WebAssembly replacing EVM as the virtual machine that executed smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. If you have no idea what that means, this is the article for you - it gives a gentle introduction and describes just why WebAssembly is a great fit for blockchain.

Rust and JavaScript Interop


The interface between WebAssembly modules and the JavaScript host is very limited, being little more than functions with numeric arguments. This has led the Rust community to create wasm-bindgen, a tool which enriches the interop layer. This blog post dives into the technical detail of this tool to see how it works.

Tweet x86


I must admit, I struggled to understand what this is at first - but when I worked it out, I was blown away!

This website allows you to write x86 assembly language, which is compiled by Nasm, then run on Dosbox, all within the browser. Furthermore, your code is then base64 encoded, allowing you to tweet your creations.


And Finally …

If you fancy a long read, From Rust to Beyond, is an interesting article that looks at the widening impact of the Rust language.