greenwasm - an implementation of the WebAssembly spec in Rust


This project is seeking to create a complete parser, validator and runtime for WebAssembly in Rust. We’ve seen a number of projects like this in various languages, many of which are being created for ‘fun’. However, the availability of standalone WebAssembly runtimes will mean that WebAssembly can be executed outside of the browser, opening up all kinds of possibilities!

WebAssembly & The Future of Blockchain Computing


On the subject of using WebAssembly outside of the browser …

This article gives a quick overview of the Ethereum network, a blockchain technology that allows the execution of smart contracts. These contracts are highlight versatile, however the Solidity language that is used to create them is not widely known. There is growing interest in using WebAssembly as the Virtual Machine for Ethereum, allowing contracts to be programmed in a great many (more conventional) languages.

Wasabi - a framework for dynamic analysis of WebAssembly


Wasabi is an interesting little framework that takes a wasm binary and injects instrumentation code, allowing profiling of function calls.

And Finally …

Olin is a “an attempt at defining a radically new operating primitive to make it easier to reason about, deploy and operate event-driven services” - I’m not entirely sure what this is, but it sounds VERY cool ;-)