How WebAssembly influences existing JavaScript frameworks


WebAssembly isn’t going to completely replace JavaScript (at least not for a good few years), so the future is going to be a mixture of JS and WASM. In which case, what does this future look like? and how will the two be used together? This blog post takes a look at some potential scenarios.

Go WebAssembly - Building a Calculator Tutorial


Go recently added WebAssembly support in their v1.11 release, so now is a good time to take a closer look at what a Go application, compiled to WebAssembly looks like.

This tutorial creates a very simple calculator application - with just an add and subtract button. Interestingly we can see that Go applications have access to JavaScript through js.Global(), meaning that you can access variables and manipulate the DOM. The interface is a bit clumsy, but quite powerful!

Speed up source-map generation with WebAssembly


Jevan is working with Google through their ‘Summer of Code’ programme, and is exploring practical uses of WebAssembly within Webpack. This blog post shares some of the results, where Rust and WebAssembly have made the sourcemaps module up to 60% faster. Great work!

And Finally …

Someone spotted that for the 8-bit emulators we shared a few weeks ago, the screenshots are larger than the emulators themselves!