Grain - a Modern Web Staple


WebAssembly is bringing a whole host of languages to the web (C++, Rust, Go, C#, Java, and more …), but it is also bringing completely new languages to the web.

Grain is a (brand new) functional and strongly-typed programming language. It has been designed specifically for WebAssembly; Grain does not compile to JavaScript. It is supported by a small JS runtime that provides Grain apps with access to the browser APIs.

WebAssembly and Blazor .NET – dreaming of sharing .NET code between the client & the server


There are many occasions when you might want to share server-side code with your client, for example form validation, template rendering, to name a few. This was one of the driving forces behind Node, allowing JS to run server-side.

This blog post explores how Blazor allows you to share the same c# code between client and server.

Life - A secure and fast WebAssembly VM


Currently most developers are using WebAssembly within the browser - however the runtime itself was designed to be ‘host agnostic’, meaning that a WebAssembly VM could be hosted in all kinds of different environments.

This project is a stand-alone WebAssembly VM, written in Go, that could be used to run wasm code in anywhere you like - smart fridges, mobile phones, etc …

And Finally …

A really interesting twitter thread about a novel use of WebAssembly in the insurance industry.