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Migrating D3 Force Layout to WebAssembly

This blog post looks at how to migrate an existing JavaScript module, d3 force layout, to use WebAssembly. The post touches on the use of AssemblyScript, which provides a useful migration path from JavaScript to WASM, via TypeScript.

Edge 16 released, with 20-25% speed boost for WASM

Announcing better performance and on-by-default WebAssembly, SharedArrayBuffer and Atomics support in Chakra and Microsoft Edge in EdgeHTML 16.

Towards a common blockchain architecture

While most early WebAssembly demos were games, there does seem to be a significant amount of interest in the technology from the blockchain community. In this post, the author describes a ‘standard’ blockchain stack.

From the Archive

Compiling for the Web with WebAssembly

This talk from this year’s Google I/O is a must-watch. It gives one of the best overviews of the history behind WebAssembly and why it is so important.

And finally …

Who needs C++, Rust and Emscripten? You can write WebAssembly by hand with a hex editor!