Even better Source Maps with C++, WebAssembly and Cheerp


A few months ago the Mozilla team published a really interesting blog post about migrating a complex JavaScript-based library, that parses source-maps, to Rust + WebAssembly. They demonstrated a x3 increase in performance and much cleaner code.

This post repeats the same process but using C++ and the Cheerp compiler instead. It showcases an interesting hybrid approach where some of the C++ code is compiled to wasm, and some is compiled to JS, generating the necessary ‘wrapper’ around the wasm module. Fascinating stuff!

Our Vision for Rust and WebAssembly


We all know that WebAssembly isn’t going to replace JavaScript (not immediately at least). This blog posts provides a thoroughly practical overview of how to Rust and JavaScript will co-exist together, “Surgically inserting Rust compiled to WebAssembly should be the best choice for speeding up the most performance-sensitive JavaScript code paths”

How WebAssembly is Accelerating the Future of Web Development


… a post full of optimism for a future of linguistic diversity!

Some notes on Nebulet


Nebulet is a WebAssembly-based microkernel, turning WebAssembly into an OS! This post gives a little background on “why?”