WebAssembly Supported by Go


This issue, on the golang GitHub project, was closed this week. Guess what that means? Go now supports compilation to WebAssembly!

For an early glimpse of what this means for the Go community, check out this early prototype web framework.

GopherJS vs WebAssembly for Go


Prior to the arrival of WebAssembly support, it has been possible to run Go on the web via GopherJS, a Go to JavaScript transpiler. This blog post compares the two different approaches to running Go in the browser.

The Reports of the Death of JavaScript are Greatly Exaggerated


WebAssembly has generated no end of discussion around the future, and possible death of JavaScript. Most sensible (and well informed) developers are quite certain that JavaScript is not going to be replaced by WebAssembly, or any of the various languages that compile to it.

Improved JavaScript and WebAssembly Performance in EdgeHTML17


With WebAssembly being such a new runtime, we can expect significant performance improvements in all the major browsers over the next few years as optimisations are made. In this post the Edge team reports a 4.5% speed increase for WebAssembly. This week Chrome’s V8 team also announced further performance improvements.