Scientific Python on the Web


Data Science involves experimentation, which doesn’t necessarily lend itself to the standard ‘application-based’ mode of programming. Scientific notebooks mix text, scripting, charting and mathematical analysis into an interactive environment. This blog post looks at bringing Python to Iodide scientific notebooks, where all the analysis is performed in the browser.

Project IcePuzzle


A game coded in Rust, using WebAssembly, WebGL and Howler.js. This project is partly open source, developed is partly open source in the form of Gate, which is the Rust library that powers this game and can power other similar games.

Video: 10 Things I Regret About Node.js


In this video Ryan Dahl, who created node, shares some of his regrets around the original design decisions. While this is not WebAssembly-specific, one of his regrets is security and the lack of sandboxing. We know a potential solution to that don’t we?!

Video: Voxxed Athens 2018


A talk from Voxxed Athens of how WebAssembly is changing the Web and what it means for you.