Create a CRUD App using Blazor and ASP.NET Core


While most of the Rust / WebAssembly demos we are seeing are algorithmic (fractals, 3D etc …), Blazor has a different focus. Most C# devs work on ‘line of business’ (LOB) applications. This blog post takes a step-by-step approach to building a simple LOB application, a shopping list.

Experience The Arch


And to prove my point … this is a programmable display, in the shape of an arch, which Mozilla put together for JSConfEU. You can use the online editor to program the display in Rust. Read more about the project on the Mozilla Hacks blog.

Snowhash in Rust with WASM


And again … more pretty graphics with Rust and WebAssembly … This cool little demo takes a hash string as the ‘seed’ for a procedurally generated snowflake.

Just released: WebAssembly version of Secp256k1 (10x faster than Javascript)


There are now a small number of production-ready libraries using WebAssembly, and this is another one. Secp256k1 is an elliptical hash algorithm which is used by blockchain clients.

And Finally …

Did you know that you can breakpoint Rust code within FireFox? Yes, we have sourcemaps!