A Dynamic Forth Compiler for WebAssembly


We’ve seen a lot of articles about bringing various languages to WebAssembly, including Haskell, Go, Lisp and more. However, this article deserves a special mention - it is a Forth compiler / interpreter, written in (a macro enhanced) WAT. Code is JIT-ed, into separate wasm modules which are dynamically loaded into the runtime. Amazing stuff!

Transpiling WebAssembly to support Multi Value Returns


The WebAssembly specification is evolving, with many new features on the way. This blog post makes one of these future features available today, multi value returns, using the Babel approach of transpiling.

Hello WebAssembly


Hello WebAssembly - A Look at WebAssembly Through a Fantasy Console - an interesting article that implements a fictitious processor in WebAssembly Text Format

And Finally …

There has been a sudden surge of interest in WebAssembly microkernels again, with lots of discussion on Hacker News around Nebulet and Cervus.