AST Explorer - WebAssembly support


An Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) is a tree structure that represents the syntax of source code written in a given language. It is a tremendously useful tool for writing compilers, transpilers and various other language tools. WebAssembly AST is currently in development, via WebAssemblyJS, which has recently been integrated with the AST-Explorer website.

Blazor Context Menu


One of the exciting things about WebAssembly is that it brings other languages, and other communities to the web. The .NET community is vibrant and active, with Blazor we will no doubt see a lot of new components, tools and creative ideas. This could be the first of many - a context menu written entirely in Blazor.

Qt WebAssembly Preview


Qt is a cross-platform UI framework with a long (23 year!) heritage.It is primarily used for desktop application development, but with WebAssembly they are eyeing the web! This blog post announces a preview version of Qt for WebAssembly.

What and Why of eWasm


One of the most interesting non-browser hosting applications of WebAssembly is blockchain. In this podcast a couple of Ethereum team members describe their efforts to replace their bespoke VM with WebAssembly and some of the advantages that brings.

And Finally …

What if JavaScript wins? - could JavaScript become the ubiquitous language? … cough … WebAssembly!