This week the annual Google I/O conference took place in California. If you haven’t seen it already, I’d highly recommend watching the future of the web session which focussed on WebAssembly. Most of the links in this week’s issue are from that talk.

AutoCAD Web


This is probably the most significant commercial usage of WebAssembly so far, the full AutoCAD design application is now available on the web, via a 9 MByte wasm file, compiled from C++. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on Firefox - feel the rage on reddit!

CodeLabs Physics Engine


A great tutorial on compiling the Chipmunk physics engine to WebAssembly, with a cool ‘hour glass’ demo.

Platform Uno


A UWP (Universal Windows Platform) bridge for iOS, Android and WebAssembly, which will be free and open sourced (soon)

And Finally …

A practical application of WebAssembly … a Human to Dog translator!