Google Earth moving to WebAssembly

Google Earth has been a desktop application for more than 12 years. An earlier effort to bring this app to the web used the Portable Native Client, which Google waved ‘goodbye’ to a few months ago. So what next? WebAssembly of course!

This post, and the accompanying video, show the progress the Google Earth team has made in bringing this app to the web. Exciting times!

Rust to WebAssembly, Made Easy

In Robert’s words “Compiling Rust to WebAssembly is still difficult” … actually compiling anything to WebAssembly is difficult!

This post introduces ‘wargo’, which manages the installation and configuration of Emscripten. Judging by the response on twitter, the Rust community is very happy with this.

Serverless speech recognition with WebAssembly

It’s great to see a WebAssembly demo that isn’t a 3D game rendering engine!

This demo uses in-browser speech recognition to play the classic adventure game Zork.

From the archive

SaltyNES: A NES emulator in WebAssembly

Keeping it retro - here’s a Nintendo NES console emulator.

And finally

A $100 bet that WebAssembly will eventually run on a toaster? I’m in!